AL HAGGOUNIA 005 Eucrite unb #2 – 20,8 g

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Al Haggounia 005 is a 184 grams (7 pieces) rare eucrite unb meteorite found by Lahcen Obadda in February 2014.

To date, only 65 meteorites of this type have been found in the world.
This meteorite was found 120 km northeast of Laayoune in the Western Sahara, in a place called Chwichiya (little fez) in reference to the mountain seen in this region in the shape of a fez.
Chwichiya is an area rich in meteorites, and in particular in achondrites, 4 achondrite type meteorites have been discovered within a radius of 6 kilometers!

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Nice endcut of 20,8 g
Comes with certificate.

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Weight 20.8 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 cm