AL HAGGOUNIA 09 Eucrite #1 – 8,46g

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In April 2013, I prospect for meteorites in Morocco with a group of friends.
After an unsuccessful search for the Martian meteorite NWA 7397, we met a group of meteorite hunters who took us to the site of a new meteorite discovery on April 18.
The day before, a meteorite of 219 grams was found, the meteorite hunters thought at first that this meteorite was a lunar meteorite.
It finally turns out that this meteorite is not a lunar meteorite but an eucrite.

Other fragments will be discovered later including the supposed main mass (332.85 grams) on April 24, 2013 by Lahcen Oukhouya meteorite hunter and native of Smara.
I was able to acquire the main mass of this fall, as well as 8 other fragments through Ali Oulmaleh (meteorite dealer in Erfoud) and Mohamed Elguirah (meteorite hunter in Tan Tan).
This meteorite was found 120 km northeast of Laayoune in the Western Sahara, in a place called Chwichiya (little fez) in reference to the mountain seen in this region in the shape of a fez.
Chwichiya is an area rich in meteorites, and in particular achondrites, 4 different achondrites have been discovered within a radius of 6 kilometers!

This meteorite is a brecciated eucrite, composed of 11 pieces for a total of 1038 grams. This meteorite has the particularity to have two different textures.

Petrography: Breccia with coarse basaltic clasts in a fine-grained matrix. The matrix has a doleritic texture with plagioclase grain size of several mm. Dominant minerals are exsolved pyroxene and mm-sized calcic plagioclase laths. Minor phases include chromite, silica, Ca-Phosphate, troilite and metal.

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