Almahata Sitta #1 Bencubbinite – 0,45 g

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Almahata Sitta is a unique meteorite !

This meteorite fell on October 7, 2008 in Sudan.

But the particularity of this meteorite is that astronomers followed it from space until it entered the atmosphere,

a world first.

Another surprise awaited scientists :

Sur les 660 météorites de la chute de Almahata Sitta qui ont été classées, on a trouvé au total 17 classifications différentes : Ureilite, H5/6, LL4, EH4/5, EL6, EL5/6, EL3, EL6, H5, CH, EH3, EL3-, EL5, EL3/4, L4-, rumuritite, et bencubinite.

Even better, diamonds contained in the meteorite indicate that it could have belonged to a planet the size of Mercury or Mars !

The slice that is being sold is part of a single piece that was only 58.63 grams.

This slice is from the “Haberer Meteorite” website.


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Meteorite with fusion crust.

Rare ! TKW 58,63 grams.

Comes with certificate.

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Weight 0,45 g
Dimensions 1,3 × 0,6 × 0,1 cm