Murchison CM2 #1- 7 g

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Murchison is a meteorite that fell on September 28, 1969 near the village of Murchison, Australia, about 100 km north of Melbourne.

Following the discovery in 2022 in this meteorite of two organic molecules, cytosine and thymine, entering in the composition of DNA and RNA, the debate of the panspermia is relaunched.


Panspermia is a theory about the origin of life that suggests that the seeding of the Earth would come from germs wandering in the cosmos or brought by meteorites or comets.

Even if about 100 kg have been found, this mythical meteorite is now difficult to find on the market.

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Beautiful internal fragment, top quality!

Comes with certificate.

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Weight 7 g
Dimensions 2,5 × 1,5 × 1,3 cm