NWA 15169 Lunaire #18 – 1,2 g

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NWA 15169 is a lunar meteorite discovered in 2021 in Morocco near Dakhla in the Wad Oum Sfia area by Omar Ben Chaoud and Mouloud Oudinat.

NWA 15169 is a rare lunar meteorite (anorthosite).

This is a very nice and colorful lunar meteorite offered at a very good price.

About fifteen years ago, lunar meteorites were sold for almost 1000 euros per gram !

Writeup from MB 112:

Northwest Africa 15169 (NWA 15169)


Purchased: 2021

Classification: Lunar meteorite (anorth)

History: Found by Omar Ben Chaoud and Mouloud Oudinat in the Dakhla, Wad Oum Sfia area. Later bought by Jean Redelsperger from Mohamed Elguirah in 2021.

Physical characteristics: Several stones: a complete 50 g crusted stone, and several gray fragments without fusion crust, the largest one being 52 g.

Petrography: (J. Gattacceca, B. Devouard, CEREGE) Brecciated igneous rock composed primarily of anorthitic plagioclase, and mm-sized poikilitic microgabbroic clasts with plagioclase chadacrysts set in olivine and pyroxene. Accessory minerals: metal, ulvöspinel, chromite. Barite, from terrestrial weathering, is present as veins.

Geochemistry: Plagioclase An93.4±2.7Ab6.3±2.5Or0.2±0.2 (n=4). Olivine (altered) Fo 43.5±5.9, FeO/MnO=143.4, analytical totals 90.9±2.2 (n=9). Orthopyroxene Fs26.0Wo9.0, Fs16.3Wo36.9, FeO/MnO = 50.8 (n=2). Chromite Cr#=0.73 (n=1).

Classification: Lunar (anorthosite). Contains microgabbroic clasts. Olivine, pigeonite and plagioclase are within the ferroan anorthositic suite (FAS) field defined by Warren (1993). Olivine has been altered on Earth, as indicated by the low analytical totals.

Specimens: Type specimen at CEREGE. Main mass with Jean Redelsperger.

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Splendid very colored slice.
Delivered with certificate of authenticity.

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