NWA 7034 (paired) Mars #14 – 0,01 g

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The meteorite NWA 7034 is an exceptional meteorite.
This meteorite is not alone because other stones of the same type have been found in the fall zone.
It is a Martian meteorite, certainly the rarest and most scientifically interesting meteorite ever found. It was discovered by meteorite hunters in the Western Sahara.
It is the oldest rock from Mars ever discovered and contains more water than any other known Martian meteorite. Its texture is brecciated, it is composed of an agglomerate of rocks of which each rock tells us a fascinating story.

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Fragment of a 2.3 grams piece.

This 2.3 gram piece was purchased from Aziz Habibi and was certified by an XRF probe as being similar to NWA 7034.

A rare piece !
Comes with certificate.

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Weight 0,01 g
Dimensions 0,4 × 0,1 × 0,1 cm