NWA 8630 LL7 #1 – 27,51 g


NWA 8630 est une belle chondrite de type chondrite LL7 de seulement 34 grammes.

Cette météorite est très cristallisée, il ne reste presque aucune trace de chondres.

La masse principale de 27,51 grammes est en vente.

Une chance d’avoir une pièce unique !

Writeup from MB 103:

Northwest Africa 8630 (NWA 8630)

(Northwest Africa)

Purchased: 2012

Classification: Ordinary chondrite (LL7)

History: Purchased in Agadir in 2012

Physical characteristics: A single stone with fusion crust. Cut surface reveals a light gray interior

Petrography: Main minerals are olivine, pyroxene (with typical grain size 100 μm), plagioclase (to 200 μm). The texture is recrystallized with triple junctions and lobate grains. Rare relict chondrules. Plagioclase is found as euhedral grains and as veins between the other silicates. Ca-phosphates to 200 μm. Chromite to 50 μm. Metal as small blebs or elongated grains in the olivine.

Geochemistry: Olivine Fa 32.0±0.4 (N=4). Orthopyroxene Fs26.4±0.2 Wo1.9±0.5 (N=3). Plagioclase An10.4Or5.1 (N=3). Chromite Cr#=0.88. Magnetic susceptibility log χ =3.55 (χ in 10-9 m3/kg).

Classification: LL7 based on texture, Ca content of orthopyroxene, and plagioclase size. Weathering grade W1.

Specimens: 6.8 g and a polished section in CEREGE. Main mass with Jean Redelsperger


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Talon de 27,51 g.

Masse principale.

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