Tiglit #14 Aubrite – 0,03 g

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Tiglit is a rare aubrite that fell in Morocco on December 10, 2021.

The first specimens or samples collected without scientific data have reached exorbitant prices up to 600 euros per gram, marketed as a lunar meteorite. Professor Abderrahmane Ibhi, expert in meteorites and founder responsible for the University Museum of Meteorites, confirmed the authenticity of the news of the fall of a meteorite in the south-east of Morocco near the village of Tiglit and indicated that the analyses carried out by the University Museum of Meteorites confirm that it is indeed a celestial rock of the aubrite type of asteroidal origin thus calming down some of the hunters of meteorites who thought that they had made a fortune.

I this date only 72 meteorites of this type have been classified.

It is a rare type of meteorite, difficult to find on the market.

The name Aubrites is linked to the fall of a meteorite in France at Aubres in 1836. They are composed mainly of orthopyroxene to enstatite.


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Rare piece.

Comes with certificate.

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